All language teachers at SanCris have a native-speaking ability of Spanish and are specifically trained and qualified in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and we put you as a student as the highest priority.

Truthfully, we take pride in the work that we do. We love to teach language and watching students grow along the way, both as language learners and as people is the reason we do this. And you will feel our excitement and energy before you even walk through the door. 

Everyone at SanCris is friendly, welcoming, and upbeat. We have a passion for teaching and will make sure that you feel passionate about learning. We believe strongly that this passion will drive you to excel and this passion will help you persist in language learning.

Over time our staff has becoming a community and while it changes from time to time that community remains the strong foundation of the school. This is what the school is built on: a community of passionate teacher mixed with a community of excited language learners. It a special place to be.

Ivan arriving early to school so he can prep for class
Sandy enjoying the garden sunshine

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