If you are looking for a more affordable option but still the quality of 1 on 1 attention, a small group class is the way to go. A group class consists of strictly 2 to 5 students. We are firm believers that quality is better than quantity. Rather than try to fill up a class with multiple people, we cap our classes at 5 people to stay true to our mission of teaching with a personalized and conversational methodology. 

Groups are arranged according to students’ Spanish levels ensuring that classmates will have a very similar degree of communicative proficiency. So it is not always possible to be in a group class, based on other students at the school.

Why might group classes be the right option for you?

-You prefer to learn Spanish interacting with classmates.

-You want to learn not only from the teacher, but also from the people around you.

-You believe that learning a language is better accomplished as a team.

-Fellow classmates will ask questions or raise doubts about something that you hadn’t thought about.

Group classes

  • 15 hours per week 
  • 3 hours daily: Monday thru Friday (starting any day of the week, however Monday is preferred).
  • 1½ hrs. of grammar per day
  • 1½ hrs. of conversation per day
  • 2 different teachers/personalized instruction 
  • $105 USD per week
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