We offer a home stay program which can greatly enhance your overall language learning experience. You will stay with a host family that has been carefully screened to have a very helpful attitude towards students.

All three meals will be provided. Normally you will eat the same food as the family unless you have indicated special dietary restrictions, in which case we will communicate to your host family about your needs. Sharing your time and meals with your family is one of the best opportunities you will have to practice your Spanish and learn more about Mexican culture and values.

Living with a Mexican family:

  1. Gives our students the opportunity to use the language in real situations.
  2. Provides constant daily exposure to the Spanish language.
  3. Give students the opportunity to learn firsthand about Mexican customs and traditions.

The Cost

Private room, including breakfast$130 USD  per week
Private room, including two meals$140 USD per week
Private room, including three meals$150 USD per week
1 room apartment with kitchen$600 USD per month

If you have special needs that we did not address here, then send us an email. We are sure that we can find a way to accommodate you, and make sure that your stay at SanCris is safe and comfortable.

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